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A MicroMouse maze-solving program written in Python

This program is written in Python 2.7, using the PyGTK libraries, and runs several standard maze-solving algorithms on mazes used in the MicroMouse maze-running competition. These are 16x16 square mazes, with the starting point at the bottom left corner, and the goal at the centre. The Wall Follower, Flood Fill, A* and Tremaux algorithms are implemented, and it wouldn't be difficult to add more.

The package includes around 70 maze files which I found somewhere on the net - I can't remember where, and if anyone knows of any additional Micromouse maze plans I'd be glad to hear of them.

The program has been written and tested under Linux; I wanted to test it under Windows, but couldn't find a way to install PyGTK on Win 2K. The PyGTK installation is supposed to be straightforward, even easy, but I fought it for a day and then gave up. The program is a single python file with no libraries, so if you have PyGTK installed there shouldn't be any further problems.

If Graphviz and dotty are available (I don't think Windows has them) the program can write out solutions as dot and svg files, useful as a permanent record. The package also includes a simple conversion program, which can translate between the binary MicroMouse .maz format and an ASCII representation. There's also a .desktop file and icon for Gnome.

Download: mazes-0.2.tar.gz : MD5sum: 89da59df5c8ccb9e044765c2217d69d8

A Gnome 2.x panel alarm applet

This is a pretty trivial panel applet (for Gnome 2.x only) which just notifies the user at a given time. I wrote it mostly to learn about applet programming, so the code is littered with comments and debugging options, but I've found that the applet itself is actually quite handy.

The applet doesn't touch GConf, so alarms are lost on reboot; for fixed and multiple alarms you really need a notebook interface, and I wasn't willing to go to that much trouble.

The package is a standard Autotools package, and should install on Gnome 2.28 or later. Probably earlier, but I haven't tried it.

Download: alarm-applet-0.6.tar.gz : MD5sum: 685071c55bbe680dcdc8fba76b7eca55

A Gnome 2.x panel battery status applet

This was another reason for writing the alarm applet above; Gnome dropped the old battery level indicator around 2.26, and the new version, while nice and shiny, is pretty inconvenient. I finally became sufficiently irritated to write a replacement, using the old interface as a model; the code is entirely new, but the graphics data is copied unchanged.

The applet is strictly a monitor, and doesn't control the hardware at all. It's assumed that modern machines have their own ways of monitoring and acting on low power levels - this applet just tells the user what's going on.

The applet requires the UPower libraries, and won't work without them; it doesn't fall back to older data collection methods. Other than that, it should work on any more-or-less current Gnome 2.x. Again, it's a standard Autotools package, so if I've got the packaging right, if it builds it should run.

(The applet also requires the libnotify package, whose API has recently been changed: the source checks the libnotify version and reconfigures itself accordingly.)

Download: batt-applet-0.6.tar.gz : MD5sum: 1ea6f3fb4231102e8855272ea037aaa0

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